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Welcome to the Chinese Health Clinic in Medway

We provide health care using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a unique and independent medical system which originated in China thousands of years ago.

TCM is one of the world’s oldest medical systems and is rich with the spirit of Chinese civilization and culture. Since its development, TCM has played a major role in maintaining the health of Chinese people and continues to do so today, serving millions of patients across the globe.

TCM and Western medicine can work together to give patients effective treatment for ailments. TCM also treats conditions that do not necessarily fall into a particular disease category, disorders that are un-diagnosable, or those that are difficult to treat with Western medicine.

Western treatment is often aimed at symptoms but Chinese medicine always aims to treat the root of the illness. Its unique theory and excellent clinical curative effects, make it a highly-effective system of medicine.

About Us

Chinese Doctor Julie Zhu graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China. She has a Master of Science (MSc) degree in TCM gained at Middlesex University in the UK and is a member of The Association of Traditional Chinese medicine (ATCM).

Dr. Julie Zhu has also studied Tui Na massage with the famous Professor Hao Jian Guo in China, specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases. She has been practicing TCM in the U.K for 20 years, and with her professional manner and effective TCM therapies, Dr. Julie Zhu’s reputation for excellence continues to spread.

From her clinics based in 79A High Street, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 1BL and London’s Harley Street, Dr. Julie Zhu treats patients throughout Medway and across the UK. She specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that have not responded well to conventional medicine where, for many patients, TCM represents a last hope. .

She has had great success treating and curing interstitial cystitis, Prostate, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD), Vulvodynia, Bunions, Motor Neurone Disease, Kyphosis (hump back), Achalasia, Reflux, Psoratic Arthritis and Varicose veins. Dr. Julie Zhu has also used TCM in diverse ways such as IVF support therapy and as a means of helping patients achieve weight loss.

Chinese Dr. Julie Zhu’s high level of experience, expertise and knowledge means that she can offer you safe, cost-effective and immediate treatment within a caring, warm and professional environment.

Don’t give up hope, she can help you!


Chinese Health Clinic
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Telephone: 01634 571888

The World Health Organization (WHO) has increasingly emphasized the development of TCM and has made fruitful efforts to promote its development.

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