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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Developed in ancient times, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used over thousands of years, contributing greatly to the health and well-being of the Chinese people. Over the past two decades its popularity has grown significantly in the UK with many people enjoying lasting benefits from treatment using Chinese therapies.

Chinese Medicine and Good Health

Good health is dependent on the body’s motivating energy (known as Qi) moving through the body’s meridians (channels) in a smooth and even way, thus creating the harmonious balance between the complementary opposites of Yin and Yang. TCM helps to achieve that balance by enabling the innate healing ability of the body and mind.

TCM Methods

The main therapeutic methods used in TCM are
• Acupuncture,
• Moxibustion (the use of burning herbs),
• Herbal Therapy,
• Tui Na (medical massage), and
• Cupping & Heat therapy

What to expect of your consultation?

Your first consultation and treatment session will last longer than subsequent ones. You will be asked to complete a Patient Record Form and also answer questions about your general health, the history of any specific problem, and about any medication you are currently using. We will also need to find out about your general lifestyle, including your diet.

You will receive a Chinese medical examination from our experienced Chinese Doctor, Julie Zhu. The examination may be different from that which you have received from your General Practitioner or Hospital Doctor. Dr Zhu will look at your tongue and take your pulse. These simple measures are important ways for her to assess the general state of your health and find out where the imbalance within your body is.

After Chinese Dr. Julie Zhu has asked the initial questions related to your health, she will explain and advise you which treatment is appropriate for your problem. We aim to provide the highest standards of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) for you, together with the latest up to date research and relevant information to help you choose the best treatment for your health needs.


What should I expect from TCM treatment?

All patients will undergo an extensive consultation to enable a full diagnosis to be completed prior to the treatment itself. As we all differ in our mental and physical make-up, we vary in our reaction to an illness. It is therefore reasonable to expect that each person will also respond to treatment in an individual way.

Very occasionally after the start of a course of therapy, your symptoms may become slightly worse. This effect will be brief and indicates that the body’s natural defensive energies have started to counteract the illness. For most patients an improvement or relief of symptoms is noticed very early in a course of therapy. Look at each of the main therapies used in TCM.


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